4 Best Solar Heaters For Above Ground Pool To Extend The Swimming Season

4 Best Solar Heaters For Above Ground Pool To Extend The Swimming Season

Swimming during the cold in an above surface pool is not a good idea because of the chilling effect. Fortunately, you can still do your swimming during such periods in such pools when you have a solar heater. The objective of this product is to help increase your pool’s temperature, while guaranteeing you maximum comfort on a cold day. 

Solar heaters and water heaters do have the same operational principles. The only thing that differentiates them is what propels the water as it runs across the system. The above surface heaters apply solar energy receptors that are positioned beside the pool or placed atop the roof. 

Method of operation. Water is pumped via the filter that comes with it, helping it get rid of any contaminants. After which, it will go through the tubes that sit inside the solar energy receptors, while the heat produced in the tubes will warm the water up before they flow into the pool. 

Are you thinking of buying an above surface pool solar heater, and you are not sure of which one will be best for you? This post has put together a form of guide so you know what to check for when you are ready to purchase one. 

Benefits of Above Ground Heaters 

One typical advantage of all above surface heaters is the fact that it can make a pool water to become warm, which makes it a lot more convenient for swimming. It is also described as an efficient way of warming up an above surface pool water. It allows you to warm the water without having to rely on power from the grid to do so. 

In terms of energy-efficiency, they have equally being considered as a reliable option for heating up swimming pool water. As an eco-friendly product, it can heat up swimming pool water without giving out any harmful emissions in the process. 

The advantages you enjoy when you buy an above surface pool heater is that they can be easily installed and their cost of maintenance is minimal. With no source of electricity needed, you will not be needing an electrician, and you will not deal with any tangled wires. All you need to do is adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to have everything set-up, and you would be fine. 

Pros & Cons for the Above Ground Heaters 


  • Cost-friendly. Pocket-friendly. This heater is way cheaper because you don’t need to pay for natural gas or electricity, reducing the electricity bill you will be paying. 
  • Eco-friendly. With zero impact from natural gas or electrical sources, solar heater is completely friendly with the environment and reliable.
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance. The installation may take you some time. But after that, you can forget about any form of maintenance. Although normal above surface heaters do require maintenance from time to time, these above surface solar heaters don’t give you any of those issues. 
  • Easy installation. The installation instructions are right there in the manual after you purchase it. No need hiring any expert for the installation. In as short as one afternoon, you can do it on your own. 
  • You are assured of the most comfortable pool temperature every time. A lot of the above surface heaters are manufactured with controllers, allowing you to reduce or increase the temperature to your desired level. 


  • Mounting is required. The solar receptors will need to be mounted, and being as large as 50% of your pool, you can expect them to be very bulky. 

What to Expect in Above Ground Heaters 

Having been informed on the advantages of above surface heaters, you need to consider what and what should be present in a durable solar heater of this nature. Solar panels for energy collection include individual solar panels, solid solar panels, and unglazed and glazed solar panels. 

A solid solar panel looks everything like a regular solar power system. They are capable of collecting more energy whenever the board’s angle is perpendicular to the rays of the sun, particularly the noon time. Thus, the solid solar panel deliver the most energy during noon time. And after then, their performance starts to diminish. A solid solar panel can equally be blown out of position by strong winds, so some extra security straps will make a lot of sense. 

Having separate solar tube panels, the tubes are positioned side by side. These ones appear to be stronger than the individual solar panel, and would stay fixed even when there is any strong wind. They are more efficient in energy collection, because the separate tubes have a capability to absorb heat. 

They have a panel on top, so they can be unglazed or glazed. Glazed solar panel makes more sense for people in temperate regions, whereas an unglazed solar panel is perfect for anyone in warmer regions. 

These solar heaters can be easily installed, so make sure you are getting something that is not hard to set up. Make sure you understand the instruction manual properly. Otherwise, you would be forced to get professional help. Run through the reviews of customers before you settle for any product.

The solar collector’s size is of utmost significance. If the size of your pool is big, you need a solar collector that is big in size. Also, go for an above surface heater capable of heating the water by 5 – 10 deg. Fahrenheit. There is great pleasure when you swim in comfortable, warm waters during cold periods.

Next, is for you to consider the construction quality. An above surface solar heater is designed with different components, ranging from the filter to the pump, collector, and controller. It also comprises hoses and tubes, while you ensure all of these are properly constructed. Ideally, they ought to be rust, corrosion, and UV-resistant, and produced of high-quality materials. 

The last thing to consider is how user-friendly your potential above surface solar heater is. The controller has to be easy to use, while you can also heat up the water within the swimming pool to the level you want within a short period of time. If you are considering something that is portable, then the solar heater has to be light so you can always move it between where you stay and the pool.

The 4 Best Above Ground Pool Solar Heaters 

1. SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater

With this above surface solar heater, you can step up your pool’s temperature by five degrees within 4 days for a pool that has a capacity of 8,000 gallons. It is constructed with high-grade materials, and also having the ability to withstand the sun as well as other outdoor elements. It has been constructed to be uniquely curved so as to collect as much heat as possible.

Other outstanding qualities of this very solar heater include the foldable and adjustable legs, enabling the heater to be fully exposed to the sun’s rays. It is bound to prolong your pool’s season by stepping up the temperature by some degrees. A lot of people have attested that the water flow rate is decent, as it flows through the coil and become warm in the process. 


  • Increases the temperature of the pool by five degrees
  • Possesses a uniquely curved shape for optimal heat collection
  • Has foldable and adjustable legs
  • Great gradual heater


This heater comes with short hoses

2. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System for Above-Ground Pools

This solar heater comes with a wide-surfaced solar collector alongside barb connections, mounting bases, mounting caps, mounting straps, rubber tube plug, and valve handle. It can be installed when you mount it on a rack, on the ground, or a roof. It collects a lot of energy between 10 am and 4 pm, and collects more energy when kept at an angle of 10 or 30 degrees south. A customer who bought 2 panels stated that it increased the temperature of the pool by 5 or 6 degrees daily. Others have equally testified to how well the product works, and how it can be easily installed, while others appreciated the on and off button that lets you switch it on or off. 


Warms the pool by about 5 to 6 degrees

Works perfectly

Easy to install

Has an on/off switch


Unfortunately, some customers have experienced some leakages

3. Kokido Keops Solar Dome Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater

You can swim continuously during the cold months with this solar heater. It comprises a protective cover that ensures storage when you are not using it, and will have your pool heated in a way that it will not affect your environment. It works well with majority of above surface pools, and come with 4ft hoses, as well as stainless steel clamp and fittings.

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People who had small-sized swimming pools said they were okay with this product because it can get their pool temperature raised by some degrees. But if your swimming pool is larger, you might want to use extra heaters. Customers have equally said that above surface heater is perfect with direct sunlight, and is capable of controlling water flow via the collector. 


Comprises a protective storage cover 

Works well with the majority of above surface pools

Perfect for small-sized pools

Fair enough for its price


Hose length looks a bit short. 

4. SmartPool S240U Pool Solar Heaters

Installation is easy, and it can work with your current filtration system. When you buy it, you would get elbows, end caps, hose clamps, Teflon tape, as well as rubber connector hose. This heater has been uniquely designed to capture maximum amount of sunlight. This is a durable product that is made with high-grade polypropylene. Those who have used this heater have talked about how satisfied they are with the product. Extend your swimming season by virtually 2 months, because this heater is capable of warming your pool by 10 to 20 degrees. 


Straightforward installation 

Can capture maximum amount of sunlight due to its unique design


Warms up your pool by 10-20 degrees


You have to purchase the extra installation kit before you can install it

The Bottom Line 

The fact that summer is coming to an end does not mean you can’t swim anymore. When you have an above surface solar heater installed, you can extend your swimming season by some months. The solar heater that were mentioned above are great because they make use of solar energy, an environmentally friendly option. We are optimistic that this guide has helped you with the relevant information, with the hope of making your search a promising one. For more information regarding best electric pool heaters for inground pools please visit our main site Blue Waters.

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